Friday, July 25, 2008

Questions Paper format

This is just a sample format of the questions for practicing only. Do not bring this material to the office at any cost.

Mathematics questions:

1. If a number is increased by 20% and then decreased by 20%., then the final number will be

Ans: 4% less

2. A cricketer has an average score of 24 runs in 24 innings. How many runs must he score in the 25th innings to make his average 25?

Ans: 49

3. Evaluate 617 + 6.017 +0.617 + 6.0017

Ans: 629.6357

4. 0.05* 0.4 /0.98 =

Ans: none of these

5. The age of a father is 3 times that of his son. After 20 years he will be twice as old as his son. What is current age of father?

Ans: 60 years

6. If 9/x = x/144 , x = ?

Ans: 36

7. A number is twice the first and thrice the second and their average is 44. What is the largest number?

Ans : 72

8. A can do a work in 8 days and B can do it in 24 days. In how many days they can together do it?

Ans: 6 days

9. A trader fixes the price of article 30 % above the cost price. If he allows a discount of 10% find his gain %

Ans: 17 %

10. Find the unit digit in the product (256*27*159*182)

Ans: 6


1) Starting from a point, Raju walked 12 meters towards north, he turned right and walked 10 meters; he again turned right and walked 12 meters, then he turned left and walked 5 meters. How far is he now and in which direction from the starting point?
Ans: 15 m towards east

2) Raghu ranks 19th in the class of 40. What is his rank from the left?
Ans: 22

3) Sudha is taller than Pushpa.but shorter than Malathi; Geetha is shorter than Vijju; Vijju is not as tall as pushpa. Who should come in the middle if all stand in a row according to height?
Ans: Pushpa

4) Drama is related to Director in the same way as Magazine is related to
Ans: Editor

5) In a certain code CLOCK is written KCOLC. How is STEPS written in that code?

6) If “light” is called “dark”; “dark” is called “green”; “green” is called “blue”; “blue” is called “red” ; ”red” is called “white” is called “yellow” what is the color of blood ?
Ans: White

7) In a certain code language “123” means “ hot filter coffee”; “356” mean “very hot day”; and “589” means “ day and night” Which digit in that code means “very”
Ans: 6

8) How many such 7s are there in the following number sequence which are immediately followed by 4 but not immediately preceded by 8?

5 4 7 8 9 7 4 3 8 7 5 7 4 7 8 7 4 1 2 7 4 5 7 9 4

Ans: Three

9) In a telephone directory which of the following names will appear in the middle ?

a) Rajrathnam b) Rajrathanam c) Rajratnam d) Rajratanam e) Raajrathnam

Ans: Rajrathanam

10) In a basket, there are some apples which are getting doubled for every one minute. If the basket becomes full with apples within an hour, when would it have been exactly half?
Ans: At the 59th minute



1) Trinidad and Tobago is /are
Ans: One country composed of two islands

2) Tourists have been attracted by Trinidad and Tobago mainly because of its
Ans: Music and Dance

3) Investors are attracted towards Trinidad and Tobago mainly because of its
Ans: Oil deposits

4) The flowers of Trinidad resembles those of
Ans: South America

5) The topography of Tobago is marked by
Ans: Sugarcane fields


1) The passage is about:
Ans: Day care for babies

2) A baby is likely to feel more at ease with
Ans: an infant

3) Dr. Benjamin Spock
Ans: Writes books on babies

4)According to the passage, to provide care for their babies working parents should
Ans: Find a private home with other infants

5) Pediatrician
Ans: A child specialist


Read the following sentences carefully and tick one of the options which is very close to the bolded and underlined word in the sentence:

11) A batsman walking back to the pavilion before the umpire has given verdict is a rare sight these days.
Ans: Judgement

12) Four countries – Brazil, Russia, India & China – are likely to play a significant role in the world economy sooner than 2050, a new report by international consultants Goldman Sachs has said.
Ans: Important

13) Andhra Pradesh government is planning to impose tariff at the rate of one rupee a unit on power consumed by agriculture pump sets in corporate forms
Ans: Enforce

14) A human cell contains some hundred thousand different proteins which have numerous important functions.
Ans: Several

15)Expert in meterological dept are quite skeptical about the benefits from the cloud seeding operations for which the government has so far paid nearly Rs. 7 crores to the contracters.
Ans: Doubtful

Tick the right spelling of the word from the given options

16)Ans: Immortal

17) Ans: Symmetrical

18)Ans: Encyclopedia

19)Ans: Mortgage

20)Ans: Dictionary

Written communication: Duration 10 minutes

Please write an email apologizing to the customer for serving him/her with a non-vegetarian pizza instead of a vegetarian pizza.

Typing Test Passage ( Typing Master Software) Duration 2 minutes

1. Reflection
2. A History of Photography