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Instructions for interview - non voice Process

Before you come for the interview, I would like to give certain Hints & tips for success at interview.

You will be having 5 rounds of interview :

Round 1: Aptitude Test (General English & Maths)

This will cover your basic Maths course related to Profit & loss, ratio & proportion, problems on work & time,
For better score, please refer Quantitative Aptitude by R.S Agarwal available at Gangarams or Sapna Book House.

Round 2: Typing Test
Speed: Minimum 30-35 words per minute and good accuracy above 90%

Round 3: Written Communications
Here you will be asked to write a letter to test your vocabulary & grammatical skills

Round 4: Non Verbal Reasoning
For this, you can again refer a book of Verbal and Non Verbal reasoning by RS Agarwal

Round 4: HR
You are asked to tell about yourself.

Round 5: Operations Manager Round
This is the most important of all the rounds. Here you are asked to tell more about yourself.

In the HR & Operations Manager round, you need to speak about your family background, your educational qualifications, technical qualification, your strengths and finally your work experiences in different companies and reason for leaving the company in each case. Please mention your role and responsibilities in each work experience and stress on how you can implement those work experience in the new job to provide a quality work and for the growth of the company.

Note: Please wish the interviewer before you take the seat with a warm shake hand.

Here is sample format for How to speak in the interview taken me (Anil Kumar) as example:

Good Morning Sir, this is Anil, a B.Sc Graduate seeking a prospective & growth oriented job. I was born and brought up in Bangalore. My father is a section officer at Vidhana Soudha. My mother is a retired head constable. I have two younger sisters. Both of them working medical transcriptionist at Maxhealthscirbe located at Koramangala.About my educational qualification, I did my SSLC from Sri Saraswathi Vidya Mandira located at Chamarajpet. I completed my PUC with first class from BHS First Grade College located at 4th Block Jayanagar. My optional subjects were Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology. Then I completed my graduation BSc with First class from the same college in 1998. My optional subjects were Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics since I loved Maths & Chemistry very much. In my school days, I was weak in Maths and there were certain times wherein I developed fever thinking of Maths. Then I was introduced my Maths teacher Vijaydvaja, who imparted the basic fundamental of mathematics to me. Later on, I met my Maths guru Sri B V Nagaraj, Principal of Bangalore High School, where I went for Maths & Science coaching. My Guru BV Nagaraj, implemented confidence in Maths and Vedic Maths helped me to master Maths.

About my technical qualification, I have done 6 months course in Diploma in Computer Applications from St Joseph College. Later on, I did 2 years course in Honor diploma in Software Engineering from Aptech computers, MG Road with a brief exposure to C, C++, Java, Oracle, Internet & other technical aspects.

About my work experience, I first worked as a office assistant at Universal Academy located at 4th Block Jayanagar for a period of 3 months. My job role was to maintain student’s academics information in a database. I worked there for a period of three months as I got good offer to work as Subject Specialist for chemistry at Asian Institute of Technology which is located in Jayanagar. My job role was to prepare questionnaires for IIT-JEE, CET & other engineering entrance exams. I worked there for 1 year as it was a contract.

Then, I entered the BPO section as Insurance Claim Processor at Dharma Systems, located in Koramangala. My Job profile was to enter patient information of various American hospitals into a Database called Medsuite which was sent to Insurance company for processing the medical claims. I was also responsible for training the new joinees and generation of daily report of issues related the work and mail it to the head office located in USA. There, I worked for 2 years. I am unable to continue in that company since it is a two year contract. Last week, we received a mail from USA for cutting down the staff members.

About my hobbies & interests, I like conducting science experiments. From the childhood days, I used to do lot of science experiments especially chemistry like preparation of different chemical compounds like Sulphuric acid, phosphorus pentoxide etc. at home. I had also constructed a telescope during my school days. In my college days, I was introduced to Vedic Maths by my Friend Yogesh, which made me an expert in Mathematics. I have published 4 books in Maths for college students. During my free time, I handle tuitions for college & High school students. I love watching movies and listening to music.

1) Speak clearly with medium speed so that everyone can understand what you speak.
2) Present yourself as a special person by speaking about your talents if you have. For example, painting, sports, dancing, singing etc.
3) Talk about your roles and responsibilities in your previous company and how you used to manage the work.
4) Please write in a piece of paper about what to speak in the interview in the above format and practice in front of a mirror.
5) Put stress on your willingness to work in the company.
6) Be confident, please put in your best efforts and leave the rest to God.

Tips for making the resume:

Let the resume contains at least two pages in the format as specified by me. I don’t want any resume of only one page. Let it have the following headlines:

Career Objective:

Job specialization:

Academic Details:
Technical qualifications: any basic computer course that you have done.

Work experience: company name, designation, role and duration.

Personal details:
Hobbies and Interests: Like playing chess, debate and extra curricular activities

Languages known:
Some common questions asked during the HR and Operations Manager rounds:

1) Tell about yourself :
Ans: Refer the document for this question.

2) What salary are you expecting?
Ans: As per company standards but negotiable depending upon my performance.

3) Why do you want to leave your previous company?
Ans: Give a valid reason and do not mention that you are getting less salary in the current company where you are working. Instead, say that the job is not stable since it is on contract basis. Please do not say any thing about family problem for discontinuing your previous job. Instead you can tell that I want deliver quality work and enhance my job skill and that these qualities are not found in your present company where you are working.Tell that you would like to have long term relationship with company where you work.

4) Why should I offer you the job at FIC?
Or why should I hire you?
Ans: I came to know about your company from my friend Anil, who is working in Agency Refund department of your organization. He told me that FIC offers a good working environment for the employees which motivate them to work with pleasure. This encouraged me to seek a job in your company. He told me that job is related to mortgage information which involves searching information on internet based on certain criteria and one should possess good analyzing skills. I have good knowledge about internet & search engines like yahoo, Google & hotmail which are use to get information related to news, entertainment etc. I feel that it is an interesting assignment for challenging person like me to work here to provide a quality work to the company. I have worked efficiently being a good team player providing quality work to my previous companies. I possess good analyzing skills and can understand the nature of job quickly. I am willing to work in shift if the job demands. I am flexible to work individually as well as in teams as per the company requirements. I can contribute significantly to challenging assignments. I have been keen in learning things and implementing the new ideas as a continuous improvement initiative. If you provide me an opportunity to work in your organization, I can dedicate myself to provide a quality work for a better growth & prospects of the company.

5) What are your strengths and weakness?
Ans: Tell something special about yourself like knowledge, ability to grasp the nature of job quickly, ability to handle the job individual without any extra support etc. But don’t say too much of it.

6) Explain your roles in the previous company or explain your job profile in the previous company.
Ans: Try to present the nature of your job in the present company and give a clear picture of your roles and responsibilities. Also, tell about the challenges and problems you faced and how you tackled with your skills to become a good team player.

7) What do you mean by Mortgage?
A loan to finance the purchase of real estate, usually with specified payment periods and interest rates.

8) What is BPO?
BPO is the act of transferring some of an organization's repeated non-core and core business processes to an outside provider to achieve cost reductions while improving service quality.
Outsourcing gives you the right combination of people, processes and technology to operate effectively in the Global market place without burdening your time and budget.

The most common business process that gets outsourced is call centers. Call centers and Help Desks of many multi national and fortune 500 companies are being outsourced to low waged, English speaking countries such as Philippines and India.

9) What do you know about our company?

First Indian Corporation Private Limited is a subsidiary of First American Corporation. It is a leading provider of offshore transaction and technology services to the Real Estate Information and Mortgage Industry with over 5,000 professionals in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Also, I came to know that FIC has launching its new operation in Mangalore from January 2007.

First Indian Corporation is a pioneer in BPO industry in India having commenced its Image Processing operations in Hyderabad in 1994.
First Indian Corporation's primary focus is on the Title Insurance, Property Tax, Flood Certification, Default Management Services, Credit and Real Estate Information segments.

The First American Corporation is America’s largest provider of business information products and services combining advanced analytics with its vast data resources. The corporation commands leading market share positions in many of the segments it operates with $8.10 billion revenue in 2005 with 35,000 employees worldwide.

10) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I would like to see myself as a professional who is well equipped with knowledge, who can perform at his best and would like to lead a group of people who are ambitious and can work towards the fulfillment of their ambitions and help them in developing creative thoughts and contributing them towards the growth of my society, my organization & for my people.

11) What is your career goal or ambition?
Well, everybody looks for good pay, and would love to work with deep industry and business process expertise, broad global resources and with a work environment where you would have work & life balance both.

12) Tell something about your family background.

13) Tell something about your hobbies.

14) Are you willing to work in night shift?

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